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“Hello and a very warm welcome to Crystalyn and our wonderful selection of luxurious, yet affordable, hand-made jewellery.

Following a holiday to the Far East in 2005, I was introduced to a fascinating world of colours and images, igniting my passion for jewellery with the intense iridescence and luminosity found in many of the elements I discovered there. From this experience, Crystalyn was born and has been supplying exciting, quality pieces ever since.

The jewellery is made from a selection of beautiful Crystals, Pearls, Semi-Precious Stones, Tibetan Silver/Stone Beads; Shells and hand-made Glass Beads from around the world. Crystalyn pieces often combine these elements, giving a unique blend of textures as well as colours.

The wonderous materials used mean you will want to play with the cool, smooth stones; some have quite a weight to them so when you pick them up, they simply ooze quality and style. The silver leaf captured within the hand-made glass beads makes them luminescent and appear to breathe out an exotic light; wear these close to your face and the subtle glow is sure to enhance your complexion. And don’t forget to listen out for that delightful whispering noise when you brush your fingers along a strand of our real pearls or shell beads. Without a doubt this collection will set your senses alight!

All women have an inner beauty and Crystalyn aims to reflect that beauty outwards for everyone to see. At the same time, it gives you a warm, confident feeling inside that only comes from knowing you are wearing something really special which looks fabulous.

Everyone deserves a bit of sparkle in their life!”